Self Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Super Funds

Being advisers who specialize in the area of Self Managed Super Funds, we offer insight beyond the usual. We will work with accountants and solicitors to get the most appropriate solution and reduce the risks of non-compliance in this complex area.

Getting the right professionals involved in your fund is important and then having the resources available to guide you down a safe path to achieve your goals and dreams is more than just important.

MCL Financial Services can be an adviser, coach, project manager or mentor to you as Trustee of your SMSF. Investment advice, insurance advice, compliance and documentation provider as well as guidance with loans and specific strategies are all provided.

Plug us into your SMSF today for a smoother journey.

This is not for everyone. If you are :-

  • Wanting more control over your super;
  • Have more than $200,000 of superannuation assets and want to reduce costs;
  • Wanting more flexibility with investments;
  • Wanting to gear investments in a tax shelter;
  • Wanting to put real estate into superannuation;
  • Wanting to aggregate family superannuation into one fund;
  • Able to take on the responsibility of the Trustee for the fund.
  • To have more control over your super and potentially reduce costs;

    To gain a proper understanding of what you have and whether it is efficient and worthwhile;

    To have a trusted adviser who understands your situation and also understands you.

    If you already have a SMSF then you may wish to receive advice on the investment strategy, compliance issues, transitioning to retirement income streams, retirement income and death benefit nominations.

    If you are establishing a SMSF then we would say involve us from the very beginning so that you have the right Trusteeship arrangement in place.

    We can provide advice on all aspects of the Self Managed Super Fund. From starting off to adding members, to starting an income stream, answering questions like “do I need to segregate assets?” and of course the investment of your capital.

    We will provide guidance on this at the first interview (free) and outline the areas of advice which appear to be most pressing. Things can progress from there at your own pace.

    Through our panel of experts, we can produce

  • Trust Deed
  • Investment Strategy
  • Product Disclosure Statements
  • Bank Account, Instalment Warrant documents
  • Trust documents
  • Transitions to Retirement Pensions
  • Death benefit nominations (Binding & Non-Binding)
  • Insurance
  • Tax returns and compliance documents
  • Actuarial Certificates.


We also help educate you as Trustees in the intricacies of running your own SMSF.

Everything starts with our first meeting.

Once we have a full picture of your situation and discussed the areas of advice required, we will prepare a written Statement of Advice for you. This will be the document from which others follow such as our Records of Advice. The journey continues until such time as you no longer need our advice.

We will provide documents requesting relevant information and will conduct a Risk Profile Questionnaire whenever monies are to be invested.

There are cases where information will be required from third parties. We can facilitate this with your written permission. We do not pass any information to others without your written consent.