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MAY 2022

Click here  Platinum Asset Management look at how we can go about investing for a better tomorrow.

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APRIL 2022

Click here  Janus Henderson Fund Managers, share with us as to what are the key sustainability changes that we are facing.

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MARCH 2022

Click here  Reports of a looming recession may be exaggerated. Fund Manager T Rowe Price explains how the global economy may be more resilient than we think.

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Click here  Fund Manager, AMP, explains about how he RBA is ending bond buying – but remains “patient” on rates. .

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Click here  Fund Manager, First Sentier, explain about what sort of start sharemarkets have had for 2022.

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Click here  Ardea Investment Management, look at some predictions for 2022.

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Click here  Tuan Luu and Anton Tagliaferro from Investors Mutual, address an investor’s conundrum.

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Click here  In a world where we find “hackers” at work, Magellan explain that Ransomware is so rife, it is a threat to our national security.

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Click here  With the lockdown and changes happening to us, what is life like in Australia? Kardina Capital shares some insight on this.

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Click here  Many economists think the developed world is on the path to economic normalisation, but the question that remains is, what next? See what the Fund Manager, Franklin Templeton has to say on this.

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JULY 2021

Click here  Vanguard gives us a mid year report. The outlook for the global economy continues to hinge on health outcomes.

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JUNE 2021

Click here  Sometimes, less is more!. Fund Manager, Allan Gray, explain to us, how keeping it simple can sometimes lead to better outcomes .

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The power of compound interest

The Key points from this article are:

  • Compound interest is an investor’s best friend.
  • The higher the return, the greater the investment contribution and the longer the time period the more it works.
  • To reap maximum advantage from it, ensure an adequate exposure to growth assets, contribute early and often to your investment portfolio and find a way to avoid being thrown off by the investment cycle.

But do take time to read it – it actually is interesting.

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