Will you or your parents soon be approaching Aged Care, or perhaps already there? Seminar-img

MCL Financial Services have held a number of seminars to help smooth out the complexities of Aged Care and provide information on what can be done to structure your finances to meet or defray the costs.

The last seminar about Aged Care was held in July where options about how to fund someone in Care was addressed by Chris.

Also a seminar on the Age Pension was held at the Ringwood Community centre where Chris spoke about the Age Pension and about the “Tips and Traps” of dealing with Centrelink and the Age Pension. This seminar was held in June 2017 and was a huge success for all who attended.

There was also a seminar held in Belgrave in May on “Understanding Aged Care and how it works for your family”.

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With the sheer volume of information and conflicting views available on todays market conditions, MCL Financial Services held a seminar to help clients avoid making irrational decisions and put some clarity in their investment choices.

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